2016: An Imperfect World


A History of Cheating

Introductory Questions

    • What is cheating? How is it different from lying?
    • Is cheating ever justified?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages cheating?
    • How should cheaters be punished?
    • Are we morally obligated to report any cheaters we encounter?
    • Under what circumstances is cheating a crime?
    • Is cheating simply about “breaking the rules”? Or is it about exploiting them?
    • Should there be special sporting events for athletes who want to use performance-enhancing drugs?
    • Is cheating more acceptable in some cultures than in others?
    • Do men and women cheat at the same rate?
    • Do certain institutions encourage cheating?
    • Are people born with a sense of fairness?
    • How can schools prevent cheating?
    • Is it possible to cheat in war?
    • What is the economic perspective on cheating?
    • Should cheating disqualify a politician from winning elected office? How about lying?
    • Have you ever cheated?

The Business of Cheating

    • False Advertising
    • Corporate Espionage
    • Tax Evasion
    • Collusion and Price Fixing
    • Cheating in Sales and Negotiation
    • Insider Trading
    • Resume Fraud

Teaching Cheating in Education  

Not So Honest Abe: Cheating in Politics  

    • The Politics of Deception
    • Message Manipulation
    • Cheating Among States
    • Gerrymandering: Strategy or Skullduggery?  

Gaming the Games

    • Performance Enhancing Drugs
    • Match Fixing and the Ethics of Throwing a Game
    • Video Games: Cheat Codes and Other Exploits
    • Cheating and Gambling: Vice on Vice?

Art or Artifice?

    • Counterfeiting and Forgeries
    • Technological Shortcuts: Cheating the Process? 
    • Borrowing vs. Stealing in Music: Sampling in Hip Hop and Beyond
    • Lip Syncing, Autotune, and the Limits of the Authentic

Additional Cases to Research (Examples)

Additional Terms to Learn (Examples)

    • Cost/Benefit Analysis | Tracing | Steroids
    • Nootropics | Cosmetic neurology | Cosmetic infidelity
    • Fudge Factor Theory | “Green Card Marriages”
    • Double cross | Catfishing | Prisoner’s Dilemma
    • Crib | Bunco | Hustle | Swindle | Smoke Screen

Additional Questions & Cases to Discuss (Examples)

  • Film contains mature language and should only be watched with teacher consent and adult guidance.