2013: A World in Motion

Current Affairs


  1. Trade and Globalization in the 21st Century

    • The Fundamentals of International Trade
    • A Brief  History of Globalization
    • Multinationals and the Flow of Capital
    • Special Economic Zones and Free Trade Areas
    • The Internet as Uniter, the Internet as Divider
    • Nationalism in the Age of Social Media
    • Resistance to Globalization
  1. Travel and Tourism

    • The Origins of International Travel
    • The Modern Travel Industry
    • Disruptive Innovations
    • New Forms of Tourism
    • Travel, Tourism, and the Law
    • Social and Cultural Concerns
  1. War, Peace, and the Global Economy

    • Role of International Institutions
    • Conflict Avoidance and Resolution
    • Embargoes and Trade Sanctions
    • National Politics in a Global World