Johannesburg Mini Global Round

September 5-9 | South African State Theatre

Every year we invite qualifying teams from over 160 regional rounds to join us at one of our many Global Rounds, distributed around the world to allow easy access for our entire community. Some are large, some are not-so-small; they all have in common great diversity, breathtaking awkwardness, and a wry love of learning. There are also super large alpacas for everyone, because we know you’ll need pillows for the flight home.


In September of 2020, we will be returning to South Africa and the beautiful city of Johannesburg (kind of). Write, debate, challenge, bowl, ball and scavenge with peers from near and far (but mostly near) as you and your alpacas experience the varied and unique sites of Johannesburg, from markets and museums to hikes, safaris, zoos, and hot air balloons.

Just as at all of our Global Rounds, teams will have the chance to earn invitations to our annual Tournament of Champions at Yale University where they will learn alongside and build new friendships with Painted Warrior (our very own real-life, non-CGI alpaca) and fellow scholars from all over the world.